Inner Journey CD


Crystal sound therapy & voice toning

A soundscape of crystal bowls, voices and percussion take you on an inner journey. The energies of earth, fire, water, air and ether stimulate the cells to their original resonant frequencies; inviting you to journey with heightened awareness, expanding your levels of perception.

Headphones are recommended when listening to this CD.




  1. Earth  6:30
  2. Fire  4:04
  3. Water  8:21
  4. Air  6:56
  5. Ether  9:33
  6. Inner Journey  27:54


Barbara Jackson CST (CertIV), M.A, B.Ed.
is a Crystal Sound Therapist and Reiki practioner.

Katia Twyford D.O
is registered ostepath and vibrational healer.

Annie Stephany
teaches Hatha Yogo and is a practicioner of transformational sound and voice healing.



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