"When I first took my daughter Lily (12 years old) to see Katia, she found it difficult to sleep and get up in the morning. She was lethargic through out the day and was struggling to do her homework in the evening. Now, just after 3 sessions, I have noticed a massive difference. She is sleeping better, wakes up happily and has loads more energy. In the evening she is much more willing to get things done like her homework. It’s great to see my daughter feeling happier.

A few weeks ago, I had never been in so much pain, my neck and shoulder just felt locked up, which also affected the movement in my arm. So I decided to go and see Katia myself. After each appointment I noticed a big shift in the pain and in the way I could move my neck. I was surprised at the effect the visualization had and I helped shift the last little pain I had in my shoulder and full movement returned to my arm. And then I heard Katia’s voice. It sounds amazing. It's like listening to a crystal healing bowl! She has turned my health around already in just 2 sessions I feel so much better."

Sharon Scriven

Marina J
"When I first came to Katia I'd injured my neck suddenly and couldn't move it – it hurt so much when I tried to, so I booked in for an Osteopathic session the next day. Just as well I did, as I didn't get much sleep that night! In the first session Katia worked on my neck and when I walked out of there I was astounded, from such a painful unmovable neck I walked out pain free and got about 60% of my movement back. After the 2nd session I got 100% of my movement back (although I have to say my neck actually felt better than it did before I injured it in the first place!)

I think everyone should have a Katia in their life, for those times when your structural body needs to be re-aligned and for when your soul body needs some deep transformation within. I always walk out of her sessions feeling aligned, transformed and FABULOUS! Katia is right for you if you want an expert that goes above and beyond what an osteopath can usually do for you. Thank you Katia!"

By Marina Jacoby-Leonard, relationship coach, living on the Central Coast (NSW, Australia)

Marina J