In Tune Healthcare

At In Tune Health Care you can expect to be looked after as a whole person.

Our bodies carry a history of physical, emotional and spiritual experiences that can limit how well our body functions. If you are in physical pain Osteopathy offers a unique biomechanical diagnosis and treatment.

Our Services

Life can be stressful emotionally and mentally. That’s when vibrational healing can help you return safely to your centered peaceful self. 

Osteopath Practice

Osteopathy is a science and an art. As osteopaths we are taught to specialise in anatomy and physiology in great detail. We study body movement theoretically and practically hands on. Hence we train our hands to diagnose dysfunction. Treatment is a gentle yet powerful re-education of your body’s movement pattern.

Vibrational Healing

In everyday living we feel a variety of emotions and thoughts. We experience them throughout our bodies and they leave a memory in the tissues. Some traumatic memories can be the starting point of your body’s struggle to heal and integrate. Over the last 28 years in practice I have developed unique tools to help you release past traumas.

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