How often do we say use words out of habit and don’t really take in the broader meaning? The present moment is really a gift. A responsibility is the ability to respond. And we have named our race human beings …… beings in a human form. When was the last time you stopped doing and allowed yourself to be? Easier said then done….

I have always been curious about our human nature, so 24 years ago I decided to follow my yearning and enrolled in a college in the UK to study Osteopathy, the art and science of the body mechanics. Over 4 years we went into great detail about our beautiful structure and how it all works together. The details were mind boggling, but gradually I constructed the inner landscape. When we had to describe the exact route of a nerve, I would close my eyes and just imagine I was the nerve in form of a river. There were certain structures in front and behind me like bones and muscles and maybe blood vessels next to me. As you can see I am a visual learner and I had fun creating and getting to know my internal geography.

I will always remember the day I attended my first pro-section as part of my training. In a pro-section the body has already been precut. Carefully I observed how layer-by-layer the human tissues were exposed and described. We even got to feel the organs if we wanted to. It is only afterwards that I felt a little strange for having put my hand in somebody else’s gut. I had to go and sit in the garden, away from the smell of formaldehyde and take in what I had just experienced. And suddenly it hit me, this sequence of thoughts: The body I had just felt and examined internally contained all the same structures, cells and tissues as I did, and yet there I was, sitting in the garden, breathing, feeling the sun and thinking, while those bodies were just laying there, no warmth, no movement, no interaction. I certainly had a much deeper appreciation and understanding, of that which we take for granted, this something that animates our 3 trillion cells. The warmth is part of the animation, the fact that we can move, see, hear, smell, think, communicate and feel. Touching another human being has never been the same.


In hindsight I can see that the points in my studies when I questioned and struggled were absolutely crucial and a necessary stepping-stone to a new level of understanding. I remember the time, when I learned that the body has the ability to store the memory of all that we have ever experienced, with possibly more layers of experiences from ancestors and maybe even from past lives. How was I to decipher such a library of memories? The answer came through my next patient. I first moved that person to start reading their body, then I stilled my mind to truly listen to the wisdom inside them. In that stillness it came to me. I did not have to do this on my own. I was not going to find the memory that had not been integrated. The body would show me. It was a beautiful meeting point. I stepped into the inner sphere to come and assist the situation that could not be shifted. And the body’s inner wisdom would call me to where it needed extra attention to release. It would only bring to the surface whatever it was ready to let go off. What a relief that was for me. I did not have to examine every single inch of the patient, I just had to learn to read the signals and follow them. A big weight dropped from my shoulders.

I has been a real privilege to have witnessed some unique and sometimes surprising journeys. Each time somebody comes and holds out their hand to say: “ I can’t do this on my own anymore, please help….. I feel honored to be allowed to step into such a private space and witness their journey inwards when they meet parts of themselves that they have shut away or turned their back to.  It goes without saying that I have had to do the same. Just because I am a practitioner does not mean that I have everything about my life sorted out. As a practitioner I witness many people face their darker aspects. We are all mirrows for each other. So each time a patient releases a particular trauma, a part of me also releases, and sometimes I then need to take time to complete my own inner journey. I am very grateful for the beautiful practitioners that have walked by my side providing me with love and support.

Through on of those practitioners I first experienced the powerful effect of sound as a healing tool. With focus and intent I felt how sounds can go beyond my inner barriers. They were gently caressing my inner most wounds to say: “It is ok, I am here now, you are safe, you are loved.”

This was the beginning of my journey with sounds. Gradually I started hearing sounds while I was working with patients. It would happen when I had reached a point of stillness, a point where the tension under my hands was waiting for something. Finally I plugged up courage and started to reproduce the sounds I could hear. The sensation under my hands was instant. The tension just melted, without any further part on my behalf. I did not have to do anything else. I just had to come to meet it, fully, without judgment, and the sounds added another level of beingness. It felt like I was singing a lullaby to the inner child. Often the patient would well up in tears and so would I. Those sounds came from another sphere, a very beautiful pure sphere. They were unique for that person at that time. They also feel like a window for me that allow me to be in a particular state of mind, which allows a much stronger flow to happen. Flow of what? It is the flow of light, of vitality, flow of Health. Warmth fills my hands and spreads into the person’s body beyond the area of my hands. It tingles, it brings the life-force back to a part that has not breathed. Patients describe that they feel more relaxed by energized at the same time by the end of the treatment. And I feel energized too. I create the time and space for the flow to happen for the patient. Yet it flows through me too. As a practitioner, it is paramount ”to plug into the manis”. When you use your own batteries, eventually you will run out and burn out.

“Plugging into the mains”, how does that happen? It is through stillness, meditation, prayer, conscious movement, walking in nature. When we step into being rather than doing something else is allowed to be present. To me my beingness is my light. How much longer are you going to hide your light under the cover of your human cloak? When are you going to give yourself permission to truly shine? The simple act of shedding the fear, the doubts and stepping into pure love for your Self, allows a crack to appear in your human armor that you might have spent years in building. The heart breaks and the first ray of your inner light bursts forth. Breath, because it is just the beginning.

This is the beginning of another journey, the journey of birthing your true light, your gift that the world is yearning to witness

I am very grateful for the journey the light has guided me on so far. I am stepping into my beingness each day. Each encounter and each sound is a reflection of our own light. I invite you too to shed your layer of humanness and rejoice in the state of beingness. Let this beautiful vehicle of the body truly be the shrine of your light.

You are light, you are sound, you are love.

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