Osteopathic Practice

Osteopathy is a science and an art. As osteopaths we are taught to specialise in anatomy and physiology in great detail. We study body movement theoretically and practically hands on. Hence we train our hands to diagnose dysfunction. Treatment is a gentle yet powerful re-education of your body’s movement pattern. In my 28 years practicing Osteopathy I have helped many people recover from:

  1. acute and chronic pain (spinal and joint pain)
  2. post-traumatic pain (after a car accident, falls, sports injuries or operations)
  3. I particularly enjoy and have a special interest in treating women for fertility issues, during and after pregnancy, as well as newborn babies and children.

Osteopathy is a science and an art. The principles it is based on are:

  • Structure governs function:
    • the relationship and shape of the physical parts influence the way they can operate optimally
  • The rule of the artery is supreme:
  • The blood flow in the body is crucial for health.
  • The body has a self-healing mechanism:
  • The body constantly strives to heal itself
  • Find it , fix it, leave it alone.
  • Treatment aims at finding the factors that interfere with the body’s self healing mechanism, treat them and then allow the body to integrate.

The way these principles are applied is very unique to each Osteopath, depending on his or her studies, experience, preferences and passions.

Movement is the basis for life. When movement is restricted, stagnation follows, which in turn starts a process of dysfunction and dis-ease.